Mitzvah Series #1: Basic Mitzvah Terminology

Are you an event planner diving into the world of Mitzvahs?  Will you be attending the Mitzvah of a friend or family member, and are curious about what to expect?  The HELEN MILLS team has hosted many Mitzvahs in the past, and we'd like to compile some helpful information for planning your next Mitzvah.  In the first of our Mitzvah Series, we'll explore some of the basic terminology associated with Mitzvahs to help you better familiarize yourself with this memorable celebration.

  • Bar Mitzvah: Male celebration, from the Hebrew word "bar" meaning "son", and "mitzvah" meaning "celebration"
  • Bat Mitzvah: Female celebration, from the Hebrew word "bat" meaning "daughter", and "mitzvah" meaning "celebration"
  • Tallit: Fringed garment made of wool or linen, typically worn over outer clothes during prayer
  • Tefillin: Black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah
  • Motzi: Traditional prayer/blessing
  • Hora: Circle dance in which the celebrator is raised in the air on a chair and guests dance around them
  • Cubbies: Small cubes typically brought in by the entertainment company. Cubbies are convenient for the kids to put their belongings or for the client to put favors in the cubbies for each specific child.
  • Mazel Tov!: Phrase used to express congratulations for a happy and significant occasion or event
  • Motivators: Dancers brought in by entertainment company to get the children to dance and have fun
  • Montage video: Short video with music played on a screen of photos from birth until present of the celebrator

In our Mitzvah Series #2, we'll detail the basic run of show for mitzvahs.  Stay tuned!